Coating Engineer, Surface Scientist

Dr. Mike Efremov received his doctoral degree in chemical kinetics from Moscow State University Chemistry Department in 1995. Dr Efremov has broad experience working in research centers including Moscow State University, University of Urbana – Champaign, NIST, University of Wisconsin – Madison. His background spans across science of thin coatings, micro- and nanoscale objects, physical chemistry, polymer science, computer science, and microelectronics. Several projects include the full cycle of research and development of instrumentation for materials characterization: thin-film calorimeters, vacuum tensiometer, ellipsometer for testing materials in special environments, etc. Dr. Efremov’s qualifications include extensive programming skills (low-level programming: assemblers for microcontrollers, instrumentation languages: LabVIEW, data processing: MatLab, Mathematica, LabTalk), characterization (ellipsometry, MEMS-based and traditional calorimetry, tensiometry, reflectometry, scanning electron microscopy, TGA, UV-Vis-NIR-IR spectrometry, AFM, etc.) and preparation techniques (X-ray and EUV exposure systems, PVD, sputtering, optical patterning, etc.).



Colin Bernhardt

Laboratory and Engineering Assistant

Colin is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Colin has worked at NCD since May 2017. He has experience in manual and CNC part fabrication, fixture design, 2D and 3D CAD, as well as core engineering curriculum materials including thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, energy systems, and technical writing.