NCD Technologies'


From advancing the tooling industry to producing coatings to improve medical devices, NCD technologies creates thin diamond films that will change the world.

We are not the average “Cookie Cutter” coating company, we create new coatings to meet your specific needs for your applications.

  • Diamond growth.—Extensive knowledge of process control to achieve a variety of diamond thin films.
  • Diamond Characterization.—World class materials and surface science characterization.
  • Engineering Solutions with coatings.—Resources and knowledge allow custom coating engineering and optimization. 
  • Equipment customization.—Highly experienced in chamber and fixture design and process automation.


Coating ENGINEERING and Consulting

NCD Technologies has the research and development capabilities to design a thin diamond or diamond like film for your next project. Diamond is quickly becoming a highly sought after material because of its superior properties, and now with the ability to apply thin diamond films to various materials, these properties can be harnessed and exploited for different uses in different industries. NCD Technologies has the flexibility to provide a variety of processing techniques to meet your R & D needs. 

Industrial Coatings

Custom engineered diamond and DLC coatings can improve the performance of many different parts, systems, and devices through many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electrical, medical & dental, oil & gas, optical, research,  wafers.

Tool Coatings

NCD Technologies offers a standard line of tool coatings including CVD diamond and DLC. We offer a range of thickness from 100nm to 10s of microns. We have coated the smallest tools in the market, down to 0.0002" (5 microns) in diameter.

Decorative Coatings

Give your coveted personal item a distinguished elegant appearance by adding a diamond like coating. These coatings can be applied in a range of hues—from iridescent to glossy black—and also have the added benefit of high hardness and resistance to corrosion. Stand out from the crowd with a specialized diamond coating and be the envy of your entourage.