Industrial Coatings

Custom engineered diamond and DLC coatings can improve the performance of many different parts, systems, and devices through many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electrical, medical & dental, oil & gas, optical, research,  wafers.



The military, aerospace and commercial airline industry are always in search of avenues to advance their current technologies. Diamond and DLC coatings have the potential to be applied to many components in an airliner or jet, including components of the engine, other moving friction bearing components, as well as interior trim components that need a protective coating or enhanced more elegant appearance.


Diamond like coatings are being incorporated into the engines of not only sports cars, but new lines of production vehicles due to their ability to reduce friction and increase engine efficiency. Several components of a stock or race engine can be coated to achieve higher performance or efficiency. DLC coatings aren't limited to the engine, they can also be applied to interior trim items that you want to stand out.



Several self-defense items can be enhanced with diamond like coatings. From firearms to throwing stars and everything in between, protect and enhance the appearance of your self-defense item with a DLC coating.

Diamond and DLC coatings have been able to improve the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of firearms while increase service life and reducing maintenance.


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Medical & Dental

Diamond and diamond like coatings have a number of superior biological qualities, most notably their inertness and bio-compatibility. These coatings can also be tailored to maintain antimicrobial properties, promote integration with the surrounding tissue, and to meet a host of other functional requirements . Diamond coatings have the potential to revolutionize the medical industry ushering in a new era of personalized and point of care medicine.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has to deal with extremely rugged and corrosive conditions. Diamond like coatings can be applied to various components of machinery to reduce friction, prolong seals, and protect from corrosive chemicals.



Diamond and diamond like coatings have a number of superior optical qualities that can be utilized to enhance a current product.  Diamond's high hardness, transparency, thermal stability and ability to protect substrates from corrosive environments make it an ideal candidate for a variety of optical applications.  Contact us today and discuss our thin film engineering capabilities.


Enhance your performance with diamond coatings. From race cars to fishing reels to hockey skate blades to golf clubs to road/race/mountain bike components, the application of a diamond coating can not only look good, but can increase your ability to perform. In the world of competitive sports, having the technological edge can make the difference between winning and losing.

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NCD has the passion, expertise, and equipment to help advance the diamond coating industry. We are flexible and capable enough to develop new technologies and methods to help meet your next-generation requirements. Not only are we experts in producing diamond coatings, we can also provide knowledgable advice and services to help optimize your processes and products so that you can stand out in your industry. Please contact us to discuss your research goals.


We have the capability of processing standard 4 inch wafers with the ability to apply a number of different coating structures. From CVD diamond to diamond like coatings, we can dope with a number of elements as well as alter the structure and electrical properties through a variety of post processing techniques. For the next generation R&D using Si wafers, please contact us and we can discuss the prospect of engineering a custom diamond film.