The Introduction



NCD Technologies proprietary processing technique results in a conformal coating that takes advantage of inherent strength of the material involved. NCD Technologies initially focused its efforts in the tooling endmill sector and has established relationships with key tooling manufacturers, as well as a variety of the tooling end users. NCD Technologies will become the principal supplier of diamond coatings with the introduction of the DCM2 CVD diamond and DLC coatings. NCD Technologies has adapted its proprietary processing techniques to multiple sizes and shapes of cutting tools making the advantages of our patented process broadly available. As with many best in class innovations, we have just begun to exploit the various applications and industries for our technology. With our customers and business partners, we will move boundaries of what is possible by Advancing the Art of Diamond Coating Technology.

Our Technology

Why our coatings are better

and why your business should be using them.

Improved Coating Adhesion

Our trademark pretreatment extends tool life and production efficiency by reducing the propensity for delamination of the coating during aggressive machining processes.

Decreased Coating Thickness

This innovative and extremely thin coating helps maintain the precise geometry and sharpness of the micro cutting tool, all the while preventing the cutting edge of the tool from becoming blunt or misshapen.

Increased Strength

Unlike standard pretreatment processes that can weaken a tool, NCD’s proprietary pretreatment actually strengthens the tool, thereby extending the tool’s working life as well its overall consistency.

Leads to


Because tool life is longer, there is less downtime and fewer tool replacements. This equals better manufacturing efficiency and a more cost-effective production environment.

Surface Science

Increased machine speed allows more parts to be produced in less time, enabling higher productivity and competitiveness within the manufacturing arenas.

Coating Optimization

Diamond coating reduces burring and chattering during machining processes, which results in higher quality part finishes, and allows for finer scale micro machining endeavors.

See NCD Technologies’ DCM2 superior coating technology outperform an uncoated tool