Coating Engineering


Diamond Deposition

NCD Technologies has the research and development capabilities to design a thin diamond or diamond like film for your next project. Diamond is quickly becoming a highly sought after material because of its superior properties, and now with the ability to apply thin diamond films to various materials, these properties can be harnessed and exploited for different uses in different industries. NCD Technologies has the flexibility to provide a variety of processing techniques to meet your R & D needs. Here are some of the processes that we offer.

  • Hot filament chemical vapor deposition
  • Plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition
  • Plasma based ion implantation and deposition
  • Post process annealing and implantation
  • Film doping (Nitrogen, Boron, Silicon, Phosphorous, etc.)

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Process Engineering


NCD Technologies has the expertise to assist with YOUR system.


  • Construction
  • Optimization
  • Fixture Conceptualization
  • Design

Minor adjustments or modifications can impact a vacuum system and associated process immensely, therefore it is essential to consider a variety of design modifications or process alterations to achieve the desired goal.

With over 20 years combined experience in vacuum system design and maintenance and 14 years in diamond deposition techniques, NCD Technologies can assist you in your endeavor and provide valuable insight into your process.

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Surface Science Characterization

2013-05-31 16.32.53.jpg

Diamond Characterization

NCD Technologies is fortunate to be tightly connected with the world class UW Madison school of Engineering, allowing us to utilize the multi-million dollar Material Science Center with its top of the line surface science instrumentation. Here are some of the surface science techniques that we use:

  • Scanning electron microscope w/XRD – imaging and chemical analysis
  • RAMAN – Diamond quality and stress analysis
  • White light interferometer – roughness and form analysis
  • X-ray photon spectroscopy – Chemical analysis with mapping capabilities
  • Alicona – 3d imaging with roughness measurements
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • Auger Spectroscopy
  • NanoIndentation
  • White Light INeterfermoetery (WLI)
  • Hardness Testing
  • Tribology and Wear Testing