Dr. Patrick Heaney

CEO and Founder

Dr. Patrick Heaney received his doctoral degree in material science engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009 and immediately started NCD Technologies based on the novel technology that was developed during his time at UW. Dr. Heaney has 18 years of experience in vacuum system design/maintenance and coating engineering, with the last 10 years specifically dedicated to engineering diamond and diamond-like coatings for various applications. He is familiar with several different vacuum processing techniques commonly used to create coatings such as: HF-CVD, PIID, PECVD, magnetron sputtering, ion-beam evaporation, etc. Dr Heaney is also trained and well qualified in several surface science analysis techniques including: SEM-TEM analysis, RAMAN analysis, XPS, XRD, ellipsometry, WLI, FIB, ZANES/NEXAFS, TOF-SIMS, AFM, Auger, Nano-indentation and general lithography. Dr. Heaney is passionate about diamond coatings and the potential for optimizing diamond and diamond like coatings for novel applications and applications that are beyond the capabilities of other coating companies. Please contact Dr. Heaney to discuss your specific coating needs.

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Laura Henderson

Strategic Business Development Advisor

Laura Henderson is a strategic, driven, passionate, successful 14 year technology executive. Her career reflects continuous advancement through large and small, global IT organizations and technology businesses. With proven strength and tangible results in creating and executing business, marketing and product strategies that drives double digit top and bottom-line growth. Unique ability to build a values-oriented team culture that fosters creativity, yields high productivity and exceeds expectations of customers and competitors alike. Peer and colleagues recognize her as an accurate and intuitive visionary who can truly take high level, big picture strategy and see it through into long-lasting action.