Dr. Patrick Heaney

CEO and Founder

Dr. Patrick Heaney received his doctoral degree in material science engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009 and immediately started NCD Technologies based on the novel technology that was developed during his time at UW. Dr. Heaney has 18 years of experience in vacuum system design/maintenance and coating engineering, with the last 10 years specifically dedicated to engineering diamond and diamond-like coatings for various applications. He is familiar with several different vacuum processing techniques commonly used to create coatings such as: HF-CVD, PIID, PECVD, magnetron sputtering, ion-beam evaporation, etc. Dr. Heaney is also trained and well qualified in several surface science analysis techniques including: SEM-TEM analysis, RAMAN analysis, XPS, XRD, ellipsometry, WLI, FIB, ZANES/NEXAFS, TOF-SIMS, AFM, Auger, Nano-indentation and general lithography. Dr. Heaney is passionate about diamond coatings and the potential for optimizing diamond and diamond like coatings for novel applications and applications that are beyond the capabilities of other coating companies. Please contact Dr. Heaney to discuss your specific coating needs.


Dr. Aiping Zeng

Materials Scientist

Dr. Aiping Zeng joined NCD Technologies in 2016. Dr Zeng was awarded PhD. in Applied and Plasma Physics from the University of Sydney, Australia on 1st Dec 2008. He has over 20 year experience in industry, research and academia since he completed his Bachelor degree in 1992. Since completing his PhD. he has held roles at the universities in Israel, South Korea and Portugal with different government fellowships. Dr. Zeng has worked with plasma material processing and diamond-like carbon (DLC) materials for over 15 year. He has obtained an international reputation in this field of electrochemistry of DLC films due to his pioneering work. Dr. Zeng is also a highly respected researcher in China. He holds a master degree of engineering in Metal Corrosion and Protection from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zeng has broad background with material science, plasma physics and electrochemistry.